Elk Half Antler: 1oz - 2oz

Elk Half Antler: 1oz - 2oz

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Looking for an all-natural, durable chew for your pup?  Elk Antlers are a great alternative to commercially processed and hazardous chemically laced chews.  Antlers are Nature's chew.  

Our inventory comes from naturally shedded antlers.  The only alteration to the antler is having it cut to size.  We don't add anything extra.  Dogs are already attracted to the natural scent of the marrow in the center.  

These amazingly tough antlers have lasted up to several months, not only within our house but in the houses of hundreds of our customers.  There may be a few outlier dogs that can go through an antler faster, however, almost all of our customers tell us their Elk Antlers last several months.

Our Antler Halves range from about 4" to 12". Variants are based on weight in oz.  The difference between our Elk Antlers and Elk Half Antlers is the full antlers do not give immediate access to the marrow that our Half Antlers offer.  If this is your first time buying an antler for your dog, we recommend you start with one of our Elk Half Antlers.  

Because of the popularity we only sell what we have in stock.  If we are out of your preferred size, feel free to contact us to get more info on our next resupply. 

*** WARNING *** Each Antler is different and will be eaten differently by each dog.  Please monitor your dog during chewing time and discard of the antler once it reaches a size that is a chocking hazard for your dog.