Elk Antler - Split

Elk Antler - Split

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Product Intro

Antlers are a great all-natural chew option for dogs. Antlers contain minerals and other essential nutrients that provide many health benefits to your dog, such as reducing plaque buildup on the teeth, promoting better muscle development and even helping to reduce anxiety. Antlers also tend to last longer than most commercial chews and don't splinter like bones can, making them safer for your pup. Plus, they don't contain any artificial colors or flavors which can be dangerous for your pet. Antlers provide a safe and healthy alternative for your pup's chewing needs!

Quality of ingredients

Antlers are naturally shed by Elk & Moose each year, so purchasing Antlers that have been sustainably sourced from the wild helps ensure that these products aren't depleting wildlife populations. Antlers collected in this way also tend to be of higher quality and offer more nutrients than commercially produced Antler chews. Choosing naturally shed Antler chews is not only better for your pup, but it's also good for the environment!


Antlers chews provide a number of health benefits to dogs. They can help reduce plaque buildup on teeth, which is important for maintaining good oral hygiene and preventing gum disease. Antlers also contain minerals and other essential nutrients that are important for muscle development and joint health. Additionally, chewing on Antlers has been known to have calming effects, reducing anxiety in some dogs.

Elk Split v. Elk Full & Moose Paddles

Most consumers who've never purchased antlers for their pup before wonder which antler is best.  Elk Split Antlers offer all the same nutritional benefits as their whole counterparts without being too hard on your pet's teeth. They also tend to last much longer than our moose paddles, making them a great value for the money.  Also, because all the minerals and nutrients are exposed, the Elk Split is the perfect type of antler to introduce to your dog.  As with any of our antlers, the bigger the antler, the more substance for the dogs to chew on.  Larger antlers will last longer than smaller.  

Size Considerations ** (IMPORTANT)

When selecting an antler for your pup, it is essential to find one that is larger than the dog's snout. Antlers cannot be directly chewed and thus smaller ones may become wedged in the throat of your canine companion which could potentially create a choking hazard. To ensure safety, start out with an antler size that exceeds the snout of your furry friend and closely monitor its progress as they chew down on it. Once the antler can fit into their muzzle, immediately replace this piece with a new one that will properly challenge them!

Wrapping it Up

Antlers are a great all-natural chew option for dogs that can provide many health benefits while being both safe and healthy. They're sustainably sourced, contain essential minerals and nutrients, help with plaque buildup, promote better muscle development and even reduce anxiety in some dogs. Antlers are the perfect solution to your pup's chewing needs! So don't wait, add an Antler chew to your cart now and give your pup the healthy benefits they deserve!