About Us

Who are we:

Paws Anatomy was recently started and is a Veteran Founded & Family run company. 

Our History:

When I was finishing college, our puppy whom we adopted from a local animal shelter showed signs of a deformity.  His left Ulna (the thinner and longer of the two bones in the his forearm) grew longer than it should have, causing his leg to twist outwards.  We took him to our local vet, but were diverted to a larger university.  After tests and X-rays, it was going to cost near $10,000 for his Surgery.  

I wasn't starting work for 6 months following graduation so a $10,000 surgery was out of the question.  Fortunately he has lived a full and happy life, adjusting to his leg and being just as energetic as a happy dog can be.  


Paws Anatomy - Brody

Our Goal:

It was terrible to be in the position we were in.  Our goal here at Paws Anatomy is to become a company capable of assisting not only animal shelters with donations, but also, those who have to choose between an expensive surgery and the happiness of a full life with their pet.

Future Aspirations:

We ask that you grow with us.  We consider ourselves to be in "Constant Live Beta." Meaning we aren't going to wait for perfection to move forward.  We will test as we go and not be afraid to make mistakes.  If you have suggestions please utilize the Contact page and let us know your ideas.  

*If you catch an error on one of our pages, please let us know and we will send you a discount code for your next purchase!