Head Turners - Duck - Sample
Head Turners - Duck - Sample
Head Turners - Duck - Sample
Head Turners - Duck - Sample
Head Turners - Duck - Sample

Head Turners - Duck - Sample

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Dehydrated Duck Necks

   Our dehydrated duck necks (Head Turners - duck) provide an excellent safe and healthier alternative to treat your dog compared to other dangerous chews.  These delicious single ingredient treats are high in protein.  They provide a crunchy texture that is loved and safe for all sizes of dogs.  

Duck necks, like Chicken necks are well known to be high in CHONDROITIN & GLUCOSAMINE

Chondroitin helps dogs in the following ways:

  • reduces damage to cartilage by inhibiting white blood cell enzymes
  • assists the cartilage absorb nutrients
  • stimulates cartilage synthesis

Glucosomine also helps mobility and supports overall joint health.

These single ingredient natural dog treats have numerous benefits and features:

  • Sourced in the USA
  • Absolutely no chemicals or additives used
  • 100% Safe & Fully Digestible
  • Gluten Free & Grain Free

* Head Turners come in slightly different sizes that range from about 3 1/2" to 5" in length and average about 1 oz each.  


  •  I've always heard its dangerous to feed a dog bones.  Are Head Turners really safe for my dog?
       A:  We grew up hearing the same warning and did our own research.  The danger of dogs eating bones occurs when they are high-temperature 'cooked' bones.  The cooking of the bones at high temperatures is what causes the bones to break into sharp shards that can be both choking hazards and possibly cut the inner linings of dogs once swallowed.  Eating bones raw or dehydrated is completely safe.  We use our internal quality control team (our two dogs) to test every batch.  We won't sell anything that we don't feel comfortable feeding our own fur-babies.