Lil Growlers - Easter Bundle
Lil Growlers - Easter Bundle
Lil Growlers - Easter Bundle
Lil Growlers - Easter Bundle
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Lil Growlers - Easter Bundle

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Pumpkin & Peanut Butter Treats

In preparation for the upcoming Easter Holiday we have a Bundle (9 Treats) including 3 pieces of a bunny, carrot, and an egg. 

These delicious treats are great for healthy dogs and dogs that have a difficult time with hard foods/treats.  They can be given whole or easily broken apart.  Use for just saying 'good dog,' or during training times.  The softness of the treats allows for them to be easily broken apart into tiny portions for small rewards as your dog progresses through training or to space out portions.  The softness of the treats also allow them to be used to mask pills for easier administering of medicine.   

Treats are only made after an order is processed so you can be sure your only getting the freshest treats for your fur-buddy.

Each piece is hand rolled and pressed so some minor variations may occur.

Price includes taxes.

These homemade dog treats are made with just 4 ingredients with absolutely zero preservatives.  

1.) 100% Whole Wheat

2.) Pumpkin

3.) Peanut Butter

4.) Honey

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